a goose egg

which white rural demographic should the democrats try to outreach?


which white rural demographic should the democrats try to outreach?

1 the friendly bartender in the PA mountains who thinks trump is a dumb brick but wonders why transsexuals should have human rights?

2 the fun-loving woman in the bar wearing a bedazzled trump hat who named her cats trumpy and pency because they fight with each other?

3 the dude next to me at the bar who waits for his black companion to go to the bathroom before he tells me “i like her because she ain’t a n*****”?

4 the people in the cabin up the street in the PA mountains with a confederate flag on their deck?

5 the woman who drives by our cabin twice a day with a trump poster on the back window of her car which makes it look like he’s sitting in the back seat?

6 the dude in exurban philly i have to drive by every time i go hiking in Valley Forge who has a sign outside his house saying “democrats proved that they will vote for a vegetable”?

7 the very helpful lesbian bartender in overton, nevada wearing a 2nd amendment shirt and a broken christmas tree outside the bar with a sign saying “the taliban destroyed my christmas tree, thanks uncle joe”?

8 the guy in the car ahead of me sporting a “joe and the hoe” bumper sticker?

9 the nice family at the craft fair in white haven, PA selling “joe biden: the quicker fucker upper” mugs?

10 or my favorite, the educated suburban white woman at the farmers market who pulls up in a car covered in qanon stickers?

yeah so please let us know which one of these fine upstanding citizens democrats should be mailing leaflets to educate them about what they’ve done to make their lives better.