a goose egg

@pratik my slack status is an owl but my real life status is a wolf howling alone in the woods hoping to hear other wolves howl with him but also a bear scratching his itchy ass on tree bark

@pratik fyi i'm taking my angry clown show to mastodon. this is a tight knit chill community and i dont want to harsh the vibe and honestly i dont even have that luxury

@pratik there's no difference between these assholes or hindus voting trump because anti-Muslim or christians voting trump because Christian nationalism. doesn't matter what your single issue is, threatening to vote for a violent fascist domestic terrorist is domestic terrorism

@pratik and this is in my (extended) neighborhood. bucks county has always been the most white supremacist phillycollar county

@pratik it's been emotionally perplexing for me. I have many fond memories of my childhood but it means nothing now with respect to going back for a visit. they're memories to be treasured but they have nothing to do with visiting India. those places, those people don't even exist anymore