a goose egg

happy 30th birthday, doom


tomorrow is the 30 year anniversary of doom, still my all time favorite video game, barely edging out the original prince of persia. but the best part about doom was the network multi player mode. I remember back in India, my friends showing up late nights to my house with a desktop, CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse and cables that someone somehow carried riding “double seat” on a motorcycle. and then we would connect our computers together with a printer cable and play all fucking night long. I’ve read a few articles about how many game developers from that period had an absolute blast doing the same thing at their work places, realized the potential of this beast and adopted the technology for their own games. fun times man, fun times. I’ve obsessively played many other online multiplayer games since then: unreal tournament, every call of duty, every uncharted, but the original doom will always be the eternal online multiplayer bomb. happy birthday, imps and demons I love you. (guttural growl) because I owned you.