a goose egg

the con artist grin


the gop debate reminded me of this one dude we hired back in the day. the first thing he wanted to do after joining the company was rewrite our entire software. he was dead serious. brilliant plan bro, but how about we sleep on that one. in the meantime i assigned him one very trivial project to implement. the buffoon failed miserably because he was terrible at his job. i fired him soon after because not only was he inept, he knew for a fact how subpar his skillset was and that he would never make it in the company. and so he tried to bribe me for keeping him on. yes, really.

this is what mediocre talentless performative shitheads like donald trump, elon musk and now, vivek ramu do. in their world view, the hardest part of a project is selling yourself as someone capable of taking it on. these talentless con artists pride themselves only on their ability to market themselves with glibness. they manufacture and propose big, simplistic plans to fix every single thing in the world, simple enough for their marks to digest, the dumbest, most bigoted segments of society. but actually being able to fulfill all those promises? who the fuck cares? it’s all about finding someone to blame once they inevitably fail. and there are so many white-christian-nationalist-approved choices: the democrats. single women. antifa. the deep state. immigrants. black people. the LGBTQ community. insufficient praying.

so whenever you see vivek ramu’s confident grin on tv, remember, that’s the grin of a vacuous empty-headed con artist whose only skill is appearing smart to stupid people. don’t be the stupid people.