a goose egg

mortal combat


we were walking our dog in a newly discovered local park and I saw something thrashing around in the grass. it was an Eastern swallowtail butterfly and it was inexplicably and violently convulsing, as if suffering from some kind of seizure. concerned that it might have a broken wing or epilepsy i inserted my hand in the midst of its thrashing to try and calm it down. right then my wife said, wait, look there’s something attacking him. a moment later, the butterfly rose off the grass and fluttered away, making decent speed with what appeared to be a wasp in hot pursuit. the wasp, after a few seconds, gave up the chase and left, presumably to return home to its wife and dog. meanwhile, the swallowtail, who appeared to be in remarkably excellent spirits considering it had just been an unwilling participant in mortal combat, soared higher and higher with undiminished poise and grace, eventually disappearing into the tree canopy.

wife: I can’t believe you just saved a butterfly.

me: I can’t believe I stuffed my hand inside a wasp attack.