a goose egg

book mills and book bans


standing in line for the porta potty at our local summer park concert in Lansdale.

couple behind me was audibly contemplating my shirt.

finally the guy taps me on my shoulder and says, “sir could we see the front of your shirt”?

me, thinking it’s an odd request but sure. I twirl around.

guy, squinting at my shirt: “book mill, Montague MA”.

me: best book store in the world.

woman: the back of your shirt says “books you don’t need in a place you can’t find” and we were wondering if it had anything to do with the whole book ban controversy crap.

the school boards around my suburban Philly town are currently rife with book bans enforced by anti LGBTQ fascists led by the ghastly “moms for liberty” neo nazi club.

me, pointing at my shirt: well this place certainly doesn’t ban books.

from their reaction it was hard to judge if they were for or against the book-banning fascists.

anyways, if you’re ever in western Massachusetts please visit the book mill in Montague. I promise you, it’s worth it.