a goose egg

hi and bye nikki haley


Nikki Haley, I mean no disrespect but you will never be president. see, to win the gop candidacy you don’t just have to be a gigantic asshole, which you are. to your credit, you’re a terrible person with no morals or principles. you’re also a coward. in any other era you’d be a republican star. the perfect candidate, mediocre in talent and belief system, libertarian sociopath, brown skinned comfort blanket for the racists. but this is a different era. to win the gop nomination now, to appeal to the base not only do you have to be a mediocre sociopath, you have to be a mediocre, violent, performative sociopath. one who will dance on a stage riling the white supremacist gop base into murdering people like you. but you won’t do that. so you won’t win. it’s as simple as that. go back to your day job of doing mediocre things and being a libertarian imbecile who believes in stupid shit. bye.