a goose egg

when anyone tells you why trump shouldn't be prosecuted the only proper response is fuck you


one thing to remember when people scream and shout and whimper and wail, doesn’t matter whether they are outraged Republicans or terrified Democrats or apathetic independents, doesn’t matter if it’s george will of the Washington Post or david brooks of the new york times. when they say that the justice department shouldn’t investigate donald trump, a former president, just because it appears politically motivated, bros, the justice department is in this position only because the Republican party not only has failed to keep his crimes in check but has been actively complicit in his crimes. fucking people literally tried to violently overturn the election for him in a failed coup. rule of thumb for Republicans: if you don’t want your leader to be prosecuted for crimes, don’t overlook his crimes, more importantly, don’t help him commit crimes, request to him gently but firmly to not commit crimes and if he refuses to honor your request and insists on commiting crimes, make it clear that you’re not on board with his crimes and impeach and convict him for his crimes. sorry Republicans you can’t have it both ways. you can’t have your daddy commit crimes and look the other way and then also not have him prosecuted for his crimes. fuck you. and fuck everyone else who doesn’t want him to be prosecuted because it looks political, fuck you too. fuck you too because this shit IS political. no not the prosecuting part, it’s the not prosecuting part. not prosecuting a criminal violent domestic terrorist just because he’s the leader of a political party is political. if you don’t want politics to enter the justice department, donald has to be prosecuted. fuck your appeasement shit. but more importantly, fuck you.