a goose egg


people always think they can weaponize the sociopathy of the narcissist to their advantage but hey you come to grief like the rest of us, bro you do. no don’t look around, it’s you you’re fucking done. you came to grief just like the rest of us who knew this narc from day one. there’s no escaping the complete destruction that results from trying to please the narc. the narc can never be pleased. one day you realize the shit that was apparent to the rest of us from day one and then you’re too deep. I’m sorry bud but history books will be written about the narc and you’ll be laughed at, spat at. you have no legacy. all you can hope for is to be trivial enough unimportant enough to not have history shit on you motherfucker you piece of shit you complete imbecile you fucking dung heap, fuck you. fuck you.