a goose egg


it’s grotesque how there’s a wholesale resignation about how nothing that is disclosed about Donald Trump’s criminal actions will affect his cult. motherfuckers, you don’t realize this but your resignation is normalizing his crimes. the moment you say this is not going to change anything you shift the discourse from litigating his crimes to political analysis about his crimes thereby normalizing his crimes, by turning them into an entertaining tale about how a guy did crime with no repercussions. this is where the media has failed us. by framing the narrative less about Donald Trumps objectively open violent fascism and more about how his machinations will still allow him to retain support thereby creating a whole heroic narrative that makes people follow this fascist motherfucker ignoring the reality of his criminality. for fucks sake scream if shit is not normal. by not screaming, by just accepting that this is political reality, with your cynicism, you’re complicit in the death of this country.