a goose egg


a few notable observations about today’s “bans off our bodies” abortion rights rally in King of Prussia, PA:

great to see teenagers of all genders heavily involved in grass roots human rights activism

a steady stream of drivers honking in support and surprisingly enough, a lot of old white men. just goes to show how much white people hate every single gop platform other than white supremacy.

truckers honking in support. truckers.

the protestors stayed through periods of increasingly heavy rain. if anything the number of people protesting increased during the rain.

just random people mostly women leaning out of car windows and standing up through moon roofs as they passed by waving abortion rights signs. apparently carrying abortion rights signs in your car is a thing now.

I didn’t see a single black woman who drove by and didn’t honk her support. black women will save this country.

white American suburbs will continue to step up in the fight against fascism like they did in 2020. I truly believe this.